Ingenious, portable, durable and easy to install; no tools or adhesives are required. Simply pull out the old ashtray from its receptacle in the armrest and insert the pen holder/organizer. Will hold within easy reach 2 pencils, pens, tablet stylus or Mini Flashlight (AAA size), and comes with a slot for a standard aluminum clipboard and a receptacle to hold one standard SD card. Angled face leaves room for your arm. Fits front ashtray wells in Pa-28, Pa-44 as well as front and rear ashtray wells in Pa-32 & Pa-34 aircraft, or any other aircraft using the generic PIPER-style armrest-mounted ashtrays. Weight approx. 30grams. 

Available for left or right side. Numerous colours available, including white, black, gunmetal grey, light grey, dark cherry red, beige, caramel, golden brown, bronze, coffee brown, military green, forest green, lake blue, steel blue, navy blue, glow-in-the-dark green, glow-in-the dark blue and more.

An ideal birthday or Xmas gift for pilot owners & renters.


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